Who is Nails Warstein?

I discovered what an MMORPG was when I began playing Ultima On-line in the Fall of 1999.  Since then, I have continued to play UO on and off for nearly 20 years.  I remember a kind player giving me a small tower on Fire Island in Trammel that I co-owned with a real life friend who lived with me.  In the beginning we had to share a computer and a small tower, but we were happy.  Our only fear were Reds in Felucca and the Lag Monster.  Over the years I recruited at least a dozen real life friends including my current girlfriend and her sister to play UO. Even though my friends have long since quit, I will never give up on this game I love.  In that time, I have owned and played over 20 accounts because I would buy/trade/sell houses on them.

Sadly there have been times when players scammed me out of houses, rares, rubble, gold and even cash; I even had two of my accounts hacked at least twice.  If the game wasn’t so fun, and addictive, I would give up on it forever.  I have learned a lot from my mistakes, and I would like the opportunity to help players not make the same ones I have.  If you are making a deal with a player you do not trust, do not hesitate to secure a broker to ensure a safe trade.  I can recommend many trustworthy players to broker your deals, or you can contact me directly to assist you.  I am only too happy to help.

I currently enjoy playing the events on all the different UO Shards.  I hope to keep players informed about them as best as possible.  I also run a vendor house in the Northwest section of Luna City and outside the North Luna Gate.  Feel free to contact me for a vendor or safe.  I sincerely hope to enjoy playing the game with you.

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