25m – A2 – 24 Karat Carrot
25m – A3 – 24 Karat Carrot
100m – A5 – A Carrot Dipped In Goblin Jelly
75m – A6 – A Vermin Slayer Carrot

60m – B3 – Ginger Carrots with Dates
25m – B5 – Happy Easter From EM Seppo and EM Crysania-Baja 2010
25m – B6 – Happy Easter From EM Seppo and EM Crysania-Baja 2010
40m – B11 – Shh! Crysania’s Hunting Wabbits! Easter 2010
25m – B12 – Baja’s Favorite Carrot Treat-Easter 2010
25m – B14 – Happy Easter Baja-2010
50m – B15 – A Carrot Gone Bad
100m – C1 – A Bourbon-Filled Candy Carrot
40m – C3 – A Dark Chocolate Carrot
40m – C4 – A Delicious Chocolate Carrot
60m – C5 – A Foil-Wrapped Gourmet Chocolate Carrot x 2
40m – C6 – A Rare Purple Carrot
80m – C7 – A Raspberry-Filled Dark Chocolate Carrot
100m – C8 – A Sharpened Carrot Dripping With Blood
100m – C9 – A Special Carrot Prized By Rares Collectors
80m – C10 – A Tasty Mint Chocolate Carrot
60m – C11 – An Unidentified Root Vegetable
40m – C13 – Happy Easter from EM Kasaven!
60m – D1 – Eine Ordinaere Oster Karotte [Drachenfels 2010] x 2
60m – D2 – A Ordinary Easter Carrot [Drachenfels 2010] x 2
60m – D3 – Eine Ordinaere Oster Karotte [Drachenfels 2010] x 2 
60m – D4 – Happy Easter 2010 From EM Ealia Tiefwasser and EM Lyraa [Drachenfels] x 2
60m – D5 – Frohe Ostern 2010 Von EM Ealia Tiefwasser und EM Lyraa [Drachenfels] x 2
100m – D6 – Fake Faberge Easter Carrot [Drachenfels 2010]
25m – G2 – Happy Easter 2010 From EM Elizabella And EM Malachi
40m – G4 – Habanero Carrot of the Hythloth Devil Bunny
40m – G5 – Habanero Carrot of the Hythloth Devil Bunny

50m – LS1 – A Chocolate Dipped Easter Carrot x 2
60m – LS2 – A Stick of Easter Spam x 2
60m – LS5 – Nibbled Carrot Left Behind from the Easter Bunny x 2
40m – L1 – Easter Carrot From EM Tashik 2010

25m – N2 – A Carrot To You From The Easter Bunny
25m – N4 – Chocolate Covered Carrot
40m – N7 – Happy Easter From EM Sangria And EM Fiorella x 2

80m – O2 – Enchanted Easter Carrots – Origin 2010

50m – P2 – Blinged-Out Easter Carrot
25m  – P3 – Chocolate-Covered Easter Carrot
100m – P4 – Fake Faberge-Decorated Easter Carrot
25m – P5 – Happy Easter From EM Cyno Rezik!
100m – P6 – Poisoned Easter Carrot

60m – S1 – Peter Cottontail Candy Carrots x 2

75m – U1 – Foil Wrapped Chocolate Carrot 2010
75m – U3 – Wascally Wabbit Carrots


50m – A2 – A cracked easter egg, drained of all brightness
40m – A3 – A Creamy Chocolate Easter Egg
20m  – A4 – A Curiously Decorated Easter Egg
40m – A5 – A Lime coated easter egg
60m – A6 – A Raspberry coated easter egg
60m – A7 – A Strawberry coated easter egg
80m – A9 – An Easter Egg Soaked In Some Of Kaden Marsten’s Favourite Ale
40m – A10 – An Easter Egg With A Creamy Filling
60m – A11 – An Exceedingly Elegant Easter Egg Painted By Amelia Varaeli’n
50m – A12 – An Old Dirty Easter Egg
100m – A13 – Barra Linath, Drow Assasin. Wishes You A Happy Easter.. Poison Isnt Usually Her Style.. Tempting
80m – A14 – The Easter Bunny Laid This Egg Especially For You No..You Dont Want To Know The Technical Details

40m – B1 – A Dark Chocolate Easter Egg.. It Smells Wrong
30m – B2 – A Plainly Colored Easter Egg
20m – B4 – A Brightly Colored Easter Egg, Baja 2009
25m – B5 – “It’s Not Pink, It’s Light Red!” Easter Egg
75m – B8 – A Seppo Egg (Warning: May Contain a Seppo)
50m – B9 – Smoke Colored Easter Egg
60m – B10 – “What? No Clever Name?” Purple Easter Egg
60m – B11 – “Whatever Color You Want It To Be” Easter Egg

80m – CH2 – A Golden Egg x 2
50m – CH3 – A Golden Easter Egg
50m – CH4 – A White Chocolate Egg
60m – CH6 – A Smelly Egg x 2
40m – CH7 – A Pickled Egg
40m – CH9 – A Pickled Egg
30m – CH11 – A Half Eaten Chocolate Easter Egg
50m – CH12 – A Prized Egg
50m – CH13 – A Greedy Egg

25m – E1 – A Brightly Coloured Egg Found On Europa – 2009
25m – E2 – A Chocolate Egg Found On Europa – 2009
25m – E3 – The Easter Bunny Was Here Europa – 2009
25m – E4 – A Cracked Egg Found On Europa – 2009
25m – E5 – Spring Is In The Air. Easter Is Here! Europa – 2009
25m – E6 – With Love… From The Easter Bunny. Europa – 2009
25m – E7 – Happy Easter! Europa – 2009

5m – G2 – Great Lakes 2009 Easter Egg 

60m – LA1 – Cracked Egg [Lake Austin 2009] x 2
50m – LA2 – Corrupted Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
10m – LA3 – Happy Easter 2009 [Lake Austin]
20m – LA4 – Happy Easter 2009 [Lake Ausin- EM Sarthus & EM Dexter]
60m – LA5 – Cheesecake Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
40m – LA6 – Hand Painted Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
20m – LA7 – Happy Easter 2009 [Lake Ausin- EM Sarthus & EM Dexter]
100m – LA8 – Ruby Egg [Lake Austin 2009]

5m – N2 – Happy Easter 2009 (Napa Valley)
5m – N3 – Happy Easter 2009 (Napa Valley)

25m – O2 – A Decorated Egg : Origin 2009
25m – O3 – The Best Easter Egg Ever : Origin 2009
25m – O4 – A Hand-Painted Easter Egg : Origin 2009
60m – O5 – A Magical Easter Egg : Origin 2009
60m – O6 – A Paragon Easter Egg : Origin 2009
40m – O7 – A Polka Dotted Easter Egg : Origin 2009
40m – O8 – A Perfect Easter Egg : Origin 2009
100m – O9 – A Royal Britannian Easter Egg : Origin 2009
60m – O10 – Easter Egg of Doom: Origin 2009
40m – O11 – Cracked Easter Egg : Origin 2009
40m – O12 – Rotten Easter Egg: Origin 2009

40m – P1 – Broken Easter Egg
40m – P2 – Crushed Egg
40m – P3 – Eyesore of an Easter Egg
20m – P4 – Easter Egg Lovingly Decorated By Omo Trovi
20m – P5 – Autographed Specially By Easter Bunny (Pacific 2009)
20m – P6 – An Engraved Easter Egg: Pacific 2009
20m – P7 – Brilliant Easter Egg
80m – P8 – Special Lord British Castle Easter Egg
30m – P9 – Slippery Easter Egg
40m – P10 – Shiny Easter Egg x 2
30m – P11 – Roc Easter Egg
60m – P12 – A Magical Easter Egg
60m – P13 – Highly Polished Easter Egg
40m – P14 – Sickly Egg
40m – P15 – Pastel Easter Egg
40m – P16 – Mis-Dyed Easter Egg
25m – P17 – An Odd Easter Egg Painted by EM Lillimu
80m – P18 – Elf-Decorated Easter Egg
100m – P19 – An Orcish Easter Egg
40m – P20 – Smelly Egg

80m – S2 – A Gold Wrapped Easter Egg Stolen From The Easter Bunny 2009
15m – S3 – Happy Easter Egg Day Sonoma 2009 x 3
60m – S4 – Deviled Egg
5m – S7 – Happy Easter Egg Day Sonoma
40m – S11 – Rotting Egg

100m – U1 – Jewel-Encrusted Easter Egg
80m – U2 – “Casca Tears” Easter Egg
50m – U3 – Green Easter Egg
50m – U4 – A Half Eaten Egg
60m – U5 – A Festively Painted Easter Egg
80m – U6 – A Perfectly Round Fine Truffle Egg
60m – U7 – Foil Wroapped Easter Egg 2009 x 2
100m – U8 – Pwned Easter Egg

Fond Farewell To Our Friend Mary Ann, Rest In Peace Great Lady War

Sadly a member of our game Ultima Online has passed away unexpectedly. Mary Ann was truly a rare and unique spirit. To those of us who knew her, she will be greatly missed. Information for her obituary, and how you can express your condolences will be forthcoming. In the meantime let us reflect and remember our friend who gave so generously to our community.

According to her Brother, MaryAnn passed away rather suddenly at the age 58. She worked for the United States Army for 35 years as a civilian. It was her responsible for insuring that troops deployed over seas located on the front lines got the necessary supplies and material that they needed to fight the wars. Mary Ann received many medals for providing outstanding support to the troops in the war. She always went the extra mile to help people whenever she could.

She leaves behind two brothers and a sister and nine nieces and nephews that she loved to spend time with. Maryann never married and when her parents got old she took care of them and let them move in with her. When her dad died, Maryann continued to care for her Mother, now age 81. Mary was an excellent care taker and did a great job caring for her. Her job transferred her from Fort Monmouth NJ to Aberdeen proving grounds in Maryland.

MaryAnn was a beloved friend to many in Ultima Online. She was a member of Gentle Rest Inn guild, as a helpful emissary to new players, and a prominent member of the Catskills community in addition to the rares community. She owned 21 museums on the Catskills shard. UO was her second life, and she was fully invested in the game.

Community responses can be found here on the stratics rares forum http://stratics.com/community/threads/a-member-of-our-community-passed.293079

The family has decided that instead of preserving her museums, they would like the players of UO to have the opportunity to acquire all of her items, so that they may continue to provide for her Mother, her nieces and nephews future. Please contact me at nails@ultimabroker.com or ICQ 150528775 to find out what items are available, and keep checking back for postings.

God bless MaryAnn aka Great Lady of War aka Woody!

Seeking Help with UO Events

I came back to Ultima On-line in early October after being away for over two years to discover that Event Moderators have been very busy running unique storyline events.  I am hoping to enlist the EMs help to organize and increase player participation for these events.  Currently many of these EMs use wordpress.com blogs to inform their shards players.  Hopefully we can utilize these blogs to inform even more players about these Events so there is more fun for us all.

Frustrated, confused, fed up, tired, and searching for answers?

For those who have the knowledge to do so, why not start a petition to be heard by those still playing UO and those who would play if Mythic Entertainment would simply listen to its player base by taking our ideas seriously and reinvesting some capital into making UO great again.

Its the only medieval like SIMs of our generation lacking the power of SIMs behind it. Why we still cannot build our own strongholds, armies, and towns out of anything we want makes no sense with the imagination and creativity the developers at Mythic Entertainment have within them.

The key to making this game successful is to put the power of UO into the hands of its players again. The more we can create, alter, design, and revise the better. Its about personalizing a life in a period where the age of mythology was at its climax. We need the archetypes of Heroes and Villains to live among us, to challenge the status quo and march on complacency.

Lets go out this Monday morning, log on to our computers, call our local brokerage firm, consult with our friends and family, ask how much it is to buy Mythic Entertainment stock. As of Friday it last traded for about $47.73 according to yahoo finance located here:


We as players of this fantastic game can influence the fate of generations simply by paying a fee for 3 – 6 month account per share, and see a physical return as well as a virtual return on our investment. Together we can ban together as share holders, and attend stock holder meetings. We can make a difference. Stop complaining about the problem, and start doing something about it. Good Luck!

Please place a poll on this post for this question. Would you invest in UO’s future and buy Electronic Arts Stock in Mythic Entertainment?

A. I already own stock, and will continue to buy more EA stock.
B. I already own stock, and am considering selling EA stock.
C. I do not own stock, but I will buy EA stock as soon as possible.
D. I do not own stock, but I would buy EA stock if I could afford to.
E. I would never invest in EA stock whether I could afford to or not.