Buying Seer Items

Atlantic Seer Items

Aragothias Sword
The Crag
Daemon Fist
G’Thunk Fist
Hero of the Realm Deed
Lantern of Illusions
Necklace of Valor
Orc War Drum of Wind
Robe of the Oracle
Robe of the Empathy Abbey Monk
Ruby Slippers
Skull of Collam

Baja Seer Items

Box of Dreams
Skull of the Ebon Flask

Catskill Seer Items

Ancient Robe
Ancient Wizard’s Hat
Bow of the Undead
Crystalline Blackrock
Death Blade
Gypsy’s Dagger
Jade Necklace
Kryss of the Undead
Obsidian Wisp Necklace
Storyteller of the Realm -sash
Syren’s Razor
The Crag
Valek’s Diamonds
Valek’s Warrant
War Drum of Fire
War Hammer of the Undead
White Stag Hide
Wind Sting

Chesapeake Seer Items

G’Thunk’s Fist
Hammer Pick of Skyfire
Obsidian Wisp Necklace
Smith’s Hammer of Skyfire

Drachenfels Seer Items

Katana of Light

Europa Seer Items

Antique Platemail
Lord Nicolus White Chair
Master of the Word Ring
Master of the Word Sash
Princess of Jesters Hat
Princess of Jesters Suit
Staff of Galfor
Tohlum’s Staff
Virgil’s Kryss

Pacific Seer Items

Black Feather
Bow of the Undead
Desert Ostard Skin Boots
Falchion made by Zamaj Taldor
Forest Ostard Skin Gloves
Golden Headband of Ezerkot
Gray Mason’s Lodge Archery Contest Sash
Halberd made by Zamaj Taldor
Lantern of Ezerkot
Liche Skull Candle
Longsword of the Undead
Lucifer’s Fang
Necklace of Ostard Talons
Ophidian Bone Dagger
Quarterstaff of the Undead
Serpent’s Bane
Serpent’s Bite
Skull Cap of Terathan Silk
Tarot Cards of Ill Fortune

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