A1 – 24 Karat Carrot
A2 – 24 Karat Carrot
A3 – 24 Karat Carrot
A4 – A Prized Carrot From Queen Dawn’s Personal Garden
A5 – A Carrot Dipped In Goblin Jelly
A6 – A Vermin Slayer Carrot
A7 – Spell Channeling Carrot on Atlantic

B1 – Wascally Wabbit Food
B2 – Whats up Doc?
B3 – Ginger Carrots with Dates x 2
B4 – Chocolate Dipped Easter Carrot
B5 – Happy Easter From EM Seppo and EM Crysania-Baja 2010
B6 – Happy Easter From EM Seppo and EM Crysania-Baja 2010
B7 – Baja’s Favorite Rabbit Treat
B8 – Carrot Gone Bad-Easter 2010
B9 – Carrot Gone Bad-Easter 2010
B10 – Nibbled On Carrot-Easter 2010
B11 – Shh! Crysania’s Hunting Wabbits! Easter 2010
B12 – Baja’s Favorite Carrot Treat-Easter 2010
B13 – Thank You For Rescuing Alice, Baja Easter 2010
B14 – Happy Easter Baja-2010
B15 – A Carrot Gone Bad
C1 – A Bourbon-Filled Candy Carrot
C2 – A Carrot (Blackrock Infected)
C3 – A Dark Chocolate Carrot
C4 – A Delicious Chocolate Carrot
C5 – A Foil-Wrapped Gourmet Chocolate Carrot
C6 – A Rare Purple Carrot
C7 – A Raspberry-Filled Dark Chocolate Carrot
C8 – A Sharpened Carrot Dripping With Blood
C9 – A Special Carrot Prized By Rares Collectors
C10 – A Tasty Mint Chocolate Carrot
C11 – An Unidentified Root Vegetable
C12 – Happy Easter!
C13 – Happy Easter from EM Cernunnos!
C14 – IOU Carrot
D1 – Eine Ordinaere Oster Karotte [Drachenfels 2010] x 2
D2 – A Ordinary Easter Carrot [Drachenfels 2010] x 2
D3 – Eine Ordinaere Oster Karotte [Drachenfels 2010] x 2 
D4 – Happy Easter 2010 From EM Ealia Tiefwasser and EM Lyraa [Drachenfels] x 2
D5 – Frohe Ostern 2010 Von EM Ealia Tiefwasser und EM Lyraa [Drachenfels] x 2
D6 – Fake Faberge Easter Carrot [Drachenfels 2010]
D7 – A Special Unique Easter Carrot [Drachenfels 2010]
D8 – Eine Halb Gegessene Oster Karotte [Drachenfels 2010]

E1 – Farmer Brynn’s Prized Carrot
G1 – A Secret Decoder Carrot From A Royal Spy Rabbit
G2 – Happy Easter 2010 From EM Elizabella And EM Malachi
G3 – Fairy Princess Nissa’s Pretty Candy Carrot
G4 – Habanero Carrot of the Hythloth Devil Bunny
G5 – Habanero Carrot of the Hythloth Devil Bunny

LS1 – A Chocolate Dipped Easter Carrot x 2
LS2 – A Stick of Easter Spam x 2
LS3 – I Caught And Killed The Fluffy PK Bunny In 2010
LS4 – Have A Happy Easter Lake Superior From The Easter Bunny
LS5 – Nibbled Carrot Left Behind from the Easter Bunny x 2
L1 – Easter Carrot From EM Tashik 2010

N1 – A Carrot To You From The Easter Bunny
N2 – A Carrot To You From The Easter Bunny
N3 – Chocolate Covered Carrot
N4 – Chocolate Covered Carrot
N5 – Happy Easter Napa Valley
N6 – Happy Easter Napa Valley 2010
N7 – Happy Easter From EM Sangria And EM Fiorella x 2

O1 – Mutated Carrots – Origin 2010
O2 – Enchanted Easter Carrots – Origin 2010
O3 – Explosive Carrot Grenades (10)
O4 – Happy Easter Origin 2010
O5 – Happy Easter Origin 2010

P1 – Beautifully Sculpted Easter Wooden Carrot
P2 – Blinged-Out Easter Carrot
P3 – Chocolate-Covered Easter Carrot
P4 – Fake Faberge-Decorated Easter Carrot
P5 – Pacific Easter 2010 Carrot
P6 – Poisoned Easter Carrot

S1 – Peter Cottontail Candy Carrots x 2
S2 – Peter Cottontail Candy Carrots 2010

U1 – Foil Wrapped Chocolate Carrot 2010
U2 – Stolen From The Town Guard’s Rations
U3 – Wascally Wabbit Carrots


A1 – A Brightly Wrapped Egg With Happy Easter From Kanmare and Vytecca In Calligraphy On The Foil
A2 – A cracked easter egg, drained of all brightness
A3 – A Creamy Chocolate Easter Egg
A4 – A Curiously Decorated Easter Egg
A5 – A Lime coated easter egg
A6 – A Raspberry coated easter egg
A7 – A Strawberry coated easter egg
A8 – An easter egg
A9 – An Easter Egg Soaked In Some Of Kaden Marsten’s Favourite Ale
A10 – An Easter Egg With A Creamy Filling
A11 – An Exceedingly Elegant Easter Egg Painted By Amelia Varaeli’n
A12 – An Old Dirty Easter Egg
A13 – Barra Linath, Drow Assasin. Wishes You A Happy Easter.. Poison Isnt Usually Her Style.. Tempting
A14 – The Easter Bunny Laid This Egg Especially For You No..You Dont Want To Know The Technical Details

B1 – A Dark Chocolate Easter Egg.. It Smells Wrong
B2 – A Plainly Colored Easter Egg
B3 – “Ah! The Brightness Hurts My Eyes!” Colored Easter Egg
B4 – A Brightly Colored Easter Egg, Baja 2009
B5 – “It’s Not Pink, It’s Light Red!” Easter Egg
B6 – Pallando Red Easter Egg
B7 – Salty Kemer Tears Colored Easter Egg
B8 – A Seppo Egg (Warning: May Contain a Seppo) (20)
B9 – Smoke Colored Easter Egg
B10 – “What? No Clever Name?” Purple Easter Egg
B11 – “Whatever Color You Want It To Be” Easter Egg

C1 – Easter Egg “Happy Easter 2009 from catskills”
C2 – Easter Egg ” Happy Easter Catskills 2009″

CH1 – A Cracked Egg
CH2 – A Golden Egg x 2
CH3 – A Golden Easter Egg
CH4 – A White Chocolate Egg
CH5 – A Special Egg
CH6 – A Smelly Egg x 2
CH7 – A Pickled Egg
CH9 – A Pickled Egg
CH10 – A Chocolate Easter Egg
CH11 – A Half Eaten Chocolate Easter Egg
CH12 – A Prized Egg
CH13 – A Greedy Egg

D1 – Ein Osterei
D2 – Drachenfels Osterei
D3 – Frohe Ostern!

E1 – A Brightly Coloured Egg Found On Europa – 2009
E2 – A Chocolate Egg Found On Europa – 2009
E3 – The Easter Bunny Was Here Europa – 2009
E4 – A Cracked Egg Found On Europa – 2009
E5 – Spring Is In The Air. Easter Is Here! Europa – 2009
E6 – With Love… From The Easter Bunny. Europa – 2009
E7 – Happy Easter! Europa – 2009

G1 – Great Lakes 2009 Easter Egg
G2 – Great Lakes 2009 Easter Egg 

LA1 – Cracked Egg [Lake Austin 2009] x 2
LA2 – Corrupted Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
LA3 – Happy Easter 2009 [Lake Austin]
LA4 – Happy Easter 2009 [Lake Ausin- EM Sarthus & EM Dexter]
LA5 – Cheesecake Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
LA6 – Hand Painted Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
LA7 – Happy Easter 2009 [Lake Ausin- EM Sarthus & EM Dexter]
LA8 – Ruby Egg [Lake Austin 2009]

N1 – Happy Easter 2009 x 2
N2 – Happy Easter 2009 (Napa Valley)
N3 – Happy Easter 2009 (Napa Valley)

O1 – Chocolate Creme Egg 2009
O2 – A Decorated Egg : Origin 2009
O3 – The Best Easter Egg Ever : Origin 2009
O4 – A Hand-Painted Easter Egg : Origin 2009
O5 – A Magical Easter Egg : Origin 2009
O6 – A Paragon Easter Egg : Origin 2009
O7 – A Polka Dotted Easter Egg : Origin 2009
O8 – A Perfect Easter Egg : Origin 2009
O9 – A Royal Britannian Easter Egg : Origin 2009
O10 – Easter Egg of Doom: Origin 2009
O11 – Cracked Easter Egg : Origin 2009
O12 – Rotten Easter Egg: Origin 2009

P1 – Broken Easter Egg
P2 – Crushed Egg
P3 – Eyesore of an Easter Egg
P4 – Easter Egg Lovingly Decorated By Omo Trovi
P5 – Autographed Specially By Easter Bunny (Pacific 2009)
P6 – An Engraved Easter Egg: Pacific 2009
P7 – Brilliant Easter Egg
P8 – Special Lord British Castle Easter Egg
P9 – Slippery Easter Egg
P10 – Shiny Easter Egg
P11 – Roc Easter Egg
P12 – A Magical Easter Egg
P13 – Highly Polished Easter Egg
P14 – Sickly Egg
P15 – Pastel Easter Egg
P16 – Mis-Dyed Easter Egg
P17 – An Odd Easter Egg Painted by EM Lillimu
P18 – Elf-Decorated Easter Egg
P19 – An Orcish Easter Egg
P20 – Smelly Egg

S1 – A Bad Egg 2009
S2 – A Gold Wrapped Easter Egg Stolen From The Easter Bunny 2009
S3 – Happy Easter Egg Day Sonoma 2009 x 3
S4 – Deviled Egg
S5 – Happy Easter Egg Day Sonoma x 2
S6 – Happy Easter Egg Day Sonoma
S7 – Happy Easter Egg Day Sonoma
S8 – Chocolate Egg 2009
S9 – Marshmallow Egg 2009
S10 – A Chocolate Egg Wrapped In Gold Foil The Easter Bunny 2009
S11 – Rotting Egg

U1 – Jewel-Encrusted Easter Egg
U2 – “Casca Tears” Easter Egg
U3 – Green Easter Egg
U4 – A Half Eaten Egg
U5 – A Festively Painted Easter Egg
U6 – A Perfectly Round Fine Truffle Egg
U7 – Foil Wroapped Easter Egg 2009 x 2
U8 – Pwned Easter Egg


I present to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an entire Saint Patrick’s Day Collection
for the low low price of only 2 billion gold or best offer.


Good luck and an Irish blessing to all.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May the luck of the Irish be there with you.

Fond Farewell To Our Friend Mary Ann, Rest In Peace Great Lady War

Sadly a member of our game Ultima Online has passed away unexpectedly. Mary Ann was truly a rare and unique spirit. To those of us who knew her, she will be greatly missed. Information for her obituary, and how you can express your condolences will be forthcoming. In the meantime let us reflect and remember our friend who gave so generously to our community.

According to her Brother, MaryAnn passed away rather suddenly at the age 58. She worked for the United States Army for 35 years as a civilian. It was her responsible for insuring that troops deployed over seas located on the front lines got the necessary supplies and material that they needed to fight the wars. Mary Ann received many medals for providing outstanding support to the troops in the war. She always went the extra mile to help people whenever she could.

She leaves behind two brothers and a sister and nine nieces and nephews that she loved to spend time with. Maryann never married and when her parents got old she took care of them and let them move in with her. When her dad died, Maryann continued to care for her Mother, now age 81. Mary was an excellent care taker and did a great job caring for her. Her job transferred her from Fort Monmouth NJ to Aberdeen proving grounds in Maryland.

MaryAnn was a beloved friend to many in Ultima Online. She was a member of Gentle Rest Inn guild, as a helpful emissary to new players, and a prominent member of the Catskills community in addition to the rares community. She owned 21 museums on the Catskills shard. UO was her second life, and she was fully invested in the game.

Community responses can be found here on the stratics rares forum http://stratics.com/community/threads/a-member-of-our-community-passed.293079

The family has decided that instead of preserving her museums, they would like the players of UO to have the opportunity to acquire all of her items, so that they may continue to provide for her Mother, her nieces and nephews future. Please contact me at nails@ultimabroker.com or ICQ 150528775 to find out what items are available, and keep checking back for postings.

God bless MaryAnn aka Great Lady of War aka Woody!

Sudiva Fan Fiction – What Dreams May Come

Also Posted here http://uo2.stratics.com/character-and-lifestyle/fan-fiction/the-lore-of-sudiva-fan-fiction-contest-2012/entry-no-16

“What Dreams May Come” by Nails Warstein

As Astaroth’s enchantment over Covetous began to wane, adventurers travelled from all over Sosaria to hunt the treasures buried deep within the abandoned mine’s depths. Faulinei, the Shadowlord of Falsehood, decides this will be an opportune moment to steal Astaroth’s favorite pet Sudiva the Dragon for himself. Since the Shadowlords cannot take physical form, Faulinei starts invoking desires of power, wealth, and knowledge into the most impressionable minds to play out his greatest deception yet.

Lately, the Sultan of Nu’Jelm awakens every morning from a dream where a beautiful mysterious woman calls out for help, tears pouring from bright violet eyes. She appears bound held within the hold of a slave ship. The memory of her haunts him into action. He summons his Viziers to direct Nu’Jelm’s Corsairs to hunt down these slavers as he hopes it’s not too late.

While inside the Healing Hand, Vela the Sorceress was reading her spellbook illuminated by the Candle of Love when the words on the page reformed into a cryptic message:

“Bring your Tear of Sacrifice to Covetous, and chant this spell Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym, and restore beauty’s true form.”

Unfamiliar with the spell required, she prepares a trip to the Lycaeum in Moonglow.

Upon the high seas, a mercurial pirate, Captain Corgul plunders a beautiful brazier from a reagent merchant ship bearing for Moonglow. After lighting some incense, the flames from the brazier start hissing several clues in snaps and pops, “Avarice Sorceress” “Greatest Treasure”, all tempting words to a pirate’s sensibilities. It wouldn’t be long before the Captain redirected his ship “Free Spirit” on a new course for the harbor in Cove.

The evil Sorceress Cora infected by blackrock keeps hearing voices on how to harness power from the Codex of Infinite Wisdom by pooling mana, replacing the eight moonstones with blackrocks inside the Vortex Cube then casting the Armageddon spell at the podium in the Shrine of Singularity. In her mind, it will all be very simple.

Alerted from her rest, Sudiva inhales with eagerness only to spy a silhouette of steam outlining the form of the Shadowlord Faulinei floating before her, whispering, “If you wish to be released from your curse, and this wretched place, do as I say. When the time comes be prepared to cast the Armageddon spell, and you shall be free!” Sudiva blows her flames on this wraith in rage, and a smoke filled image appears of an island roaming with dragons. Dare her tail flicker with excitement for a world she used to know.

Chiancungi the necromancer finds the properties of blackrock absolutely magnificent. Blackrock seems to be the perfect component for altering monsters in his secret laboratory hidden inside Covetous. His latest creation will be the perfect companion to share his love of dark arts. Was he simply imagining this, or did the lips on his golem just say, “Only dragon breath’s will end my sleepless rest in Armagdeddon”. Chiancungi laughs maniacally with excitement, because he knows he doesn’t have far to go.

After docking in Cove, Captain Corgul sought out the only Avarice Sorceress known. Startled by her unwelcomed guests, Corgul demanded Vela reveal the location of the treasure. Shortly, both of them came to understand that something greater beyond them was afoot. Vela studied the brazier, and the both of them felt compelled to embark for Covetous still uncertain of what dreams may come.

Using the brazier’s magic as a guide, Vela leads the pirates through the labyrinth of tunnels inside of Covetous. Many fall victim to these strange gazers, dazzled harpies, vampire mongbats, and headless miners. Despite the deaths and warnings from alabaster statues, Corgul would not be denied his prize, nor would the unethical necromancer who created the monstrosities around them. When the two finally met in Sudiva’s chamber along a subterranean lake, they hardly acknowledge each other for their destiny had arrived.

From the podium in the Shrine of Singularity to the deepest depths of Covetous, the sorceresses Cora and Vela, the dragon Sudiva, and the necromancer Chiancungi began to chant the Armageddon spell. Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym

The Tear of Sacrifice explodes in Vela’s hands as magical aura envelopes her with new found powers. Sudiva roars in agony as her dragon’s physical and magical essence is reduced into an anchor sized statuette. Chiancungi still laughing with glee suddenly screams an inhuman sound as he is transformed into a violent vortex of singularity. Meanwhile his naked golem comes to life with Sudiva’s soul. Through that vortex Cora could be seen pouring her enormous energy into a spell focused on the Codex of Infinite Wisdom. The explosion from her unexpected appearance in Covetous spews forth blackrock tar all over Captain Corgul and what remains of his pirate crew.

Captain Corgul burning from the tar, breaks from his hypnotic haze, and orders his men to collect the dragon’s hoard, Sudiva’s Statue, and the naked girl. Vela quickly casts Vas Rel Por and returns them all to Cove. Where the pirates immediately set sail for the Sea Market with their new found booty, completely oblivious how the curse of blackrock has already begun to change them.

While assail on the ocean, a storm takes the pirates off course with Nu’Jelm corsair ships in hot pursuit. Hoping to evade capture, the Free Spirit dodges around the banks of uncharted islands. Coral rock runs them aground onto a deserted island. Without warning, the curse of the blackrock tar, transforms Captain Corgul and his crew as they became soulbound to this island forever.

Battling their way upon the shores, the corsairs rescued the woman from the Sultan’s dreams, and return her to him immediately. Since she suffered from amnesia, the Sultan named her Iduvas, and adopted her as his daughter. Why does he feel this strong connection? How could he begin to fathom that if Iduvas commits one true self-less act of sacrifice, it will dispel the magic keeping her bound in human form.

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