These shows broadcast LIVE on Mondays at 7:00 PM EST

Credits and Musical Introduction

Episode 1 Scene 1 – Twitch
Episode 1 Scene 2 – Twitch
Episode 1 Scene 3 – Twitch
Episode 2 thru 4 – LOST
Episode 5 – YouTube
Episode 6 thru 7 – LOST
Episode 8 – YouTube
Episode 9 – YouTube

The Powerhour with JC the Builder & Nails Warstein – Youtube

This will be a one hour LIVE in game broadcast show located on at

I will be featuring player homes and players known far and wide in Ultima Online. This will be a virtual reality experience that will promote what and who rare collectors are as players in an MMO sandbox 17 years old. This Monday’s show will be a pilot test giving an overview that should summarize future shows. Hopefully just a mere glimpse in what is to come. I will be seeking volunteers who are willing to show off their rares, homes and give interviews about themselves. Episodes of this show will encompass, but not necessarily limited to the following subjects and activities.

Bank Sitting, Brokering, Decorating, Event Items, History, Holiday Items, IDOCs, Illegal Items, Interviews, Live Auctions, Mesanna Events, Museum Tours, Paperdolls,Player Events, Pre-Patched Items, Price Checks, Rares Festivals, Server Births, Shard Events, Silent Auctions, Statistics & Analysis, Trade Secrets

Please set some time aside to join me on Twitch this Monday so we may interact, discuss rares, and why we enjoy collecting them. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback here. Thank you for your support!

This show is tentatively scheduled, and maybe cancelled without noticed due to unforseen real life circumstances. I ask everyone who shall participate to represent themselves and Ultima Online with the utmost care and respect for those who may show an interest in Ultima Online and rare collecting for the first time. Thank you in advance for your sincere thoughtful consideration.

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