I present to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an entire Saint Patrick’s Day Collection
for the low low price of only 2 billion gold or best offer.


Good luck and an Irish blessing to all.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May the luck of the Irish be there with you.


Fond Farewell To Our Friend Mary Ann, Rest In Peace Great Lady War

Sadly a member of our game Ultima Online has passed away unexpectedly. Mary Ann was truly a rare and unique spirit. To those of us who knew her, she will be greatly missed. Information for her obituary, and how you can express your condolences will be forthcoming. In the meantime let us reflect and remember our friend who gave so generously to our community.

According to her Brother, MaryAnn passed away rather suddenly at the age 58. She worked for the United States Army for 35 years as a civilian. It was her responsible for insuring that troops deployed over seas located on the front lines got the necessary supplies and material that they needed to fight the wars. Mary Ann received many medals for providing outstanding support to the troops in the war. She always went the extra mile to help people whenever she could.

She leaves behind two brothers and a sister and nine nieces and nephews that she loved to spend time with. Maryann never married and when her parents got old she took care of them and let them move in with her. When her dad died, Maryann continued to care for her Mother, now age 81. Mary was an excellent care taker and did a great job caring for her. Her job transferred her from Fort Monmouth NJ to Aberdeen proving grounds in Maryland.

MaryAnn was a beloved friend to many in Ultima Online. She was a member of Gentle Rest Inn guild, as a helpful emissary to new players, and a prominent member of the Catskills community in addition to the rares community. She owned 21 museums on the Catskills shard. UO was her second life, and she was fully invested in the game.

Community responses can be found here on the stratics rares forum

The family has decided that instead of preserving her museums, they would like the players of UO to have the opportunity to acquire all of her items, so that they may continue to provide for her Mother, her nieces and nephews future. Please contact me at or ICQ 150528775 to find out what items are available, and keep checking back for postings.

God bless MaryAnn aka Great Lady of War aka Woody!

Grandfathered Homes

Looking to Buy these Grandfathered Houses across the Shards mostly located in the Grimswood Forest and by the EM Museum in Malas


Location————–Type—-Owner — House Name
Grimswood Forest – Castle – Morgana –- Slottet
Grimswood Forest – Castle – Kizar Vexious – Kiz’s Castle
Grimswood Forest – Castle – Dorothy —Palace
Grimswood Forest – Castle – Kynd – Museum
Grimswood Forest – Castle – Cygore – Yeah All Mine
Event Hall Museum – Small Tower – Darius – James Gang
Event Hall Museum – Small Tower – PigPen
Event Hall Museum – Small Wooden House – Rhianna Cerise – Land’s Edge Post Office.


EM Hall Museum – 18×18 – Maskim Xul – Temple of Lost Souls

Dedguy –——— The Music House
Blazing Starr –—- Holiday Retreat
Bambi ———— An Unamed House
Raven Blackheart – Ravenstar Coven Malas

Click the image to open in full size.


Location ————– Owner Name — Castle Name

Grimswood Ruins Malas –- Minsk ———– Selling
Grimswood Ruins Malas –- Drake ———– Dragonsbane Castle

East of Vesper ———- Cerberus —–— The Highlands
Near Events Reward Hall – Lady Halona —–An Unnamed House
Near Events Reward Hall – Gary –———- Sold
Near Events Reward Hall – Johnny Fairplay – An Unnamed House
Near Events Reward Hall – Theodor –——- Theodor’s Keep


Small Tower  near the Event Rewards Hall owned by CONA named Winter Wonder Land


Place ———————– Owner — –House Name
Castle by Grimswold Ruins –— Predator –- Super Castle
18×18 by Events Reward Hall – Crom —— Ordus Del Sol
Small Tower by Reward Hall — Will Staton – Jordan College


Malas Castle owned by TTE –  named Loix


Location —— Owner Name —— Castle Name
Grimswood –— Merlin –———— Sophie


Owner / Castle name
Angelica – Malas Castle
Ken – Castle of Light


Small Tower in Malas next to the Events Reward Hall, owned by Alicia Faye named Alicia Faye 6th Anniversary Stone Tower Winner


Owner / House Name
Iowa Jones aka Malicious


Malas Castle – Elisabeth – My Happy Castle
Malas Castle – Destroyah – Finally
Malas 18×18 – Setsuna Tamashii – Hikari No Dojo
Malas Small Tower – Grobber
Malas Small Tower – Ki Tre’se


Location ————– ——————— Owner ——– House Sign
Malas Castle in the Grimswood Ruins ———– Sir Carl —–– Carl Castles
Trammel Castle SE of Vesper on a Peninsula –– Evan –——- Vesper Pimp Pad
Malas Small Tower next to Event Rewards Hall – Alyssa Dawn – MaCleod Manor


Malas Castle Info found here:
36 Malas Castles were awarded on March 23rd, 2005; today 26 are still standing.

Malas House Info found here:
8 18×18 Houses were awarded on August 12th, 2003; more have been placed since then.

Vesper Castle Info found here: +
14 Winners were awarded in the Summer of 2002, not many castles still stand today.

Buying Seer Items

Atlantic Seer Items

Aragothias Sword
The Crag
Daemon Fist
G’Thunk Fist
Hero of the Realm Deed
Lantern of Illusions
Necklace of Valor
Orc War Drum of Wind
Robe of the Oracle
Robe of the Empathy Abbey Monk
Ruby Slippers
Skull of Collam

Baja Seer Items

Box of Dreams
Skull of the Ebon Flask

Catskill Seer Items

Ancient Robe
Ancient Wizard’s Hat
Bow of the Undead
Crystalline Blackrock
Death Blade
Gypsy’s Dagger
Jade Necklace
Kryss of the Undead
Obsidian Wisp Necklace
Storyteller of the Realm -sash
Syren’s Razor
The Crag
Valek’s Diamonds
Valek’s Warrant
War Drum of Fire
War Hammer of the Undead
White Stag Hide
Wind Sting

Chesapeake Seer Items

G’Thunk’s Fist
Hammer Pick of Skyfire
Obsidian Wisp Necklace
Smith’s Hammer of Skyfire

Drachenfels Seer Items

Katana of Light

Europa Seer Items

Antique Platemail
Lord Nicolus White Chair
Master of the Word Ring
Master of the Word Sash
Princess of Jesters Hat
Princess of Jesters Suit
Staff of Galfor
Tohlum’s Staff
Virgil’s Kryss

Pacific Seer Items

Black Feather
Bow of the Undead
Desert Ostard Skin Boots
Falchion made by Zamaj Taldor
Forest Ostard Skin Gloves
Golden Headband of Ezerkot
Gray Mason’s Lodge Archery Contest Sash
Halberd made by Zamaj Taldor
Lantern of Ezerkot
Liche Skull Candle
Longsword of the Undead
Lucifer’s Fang
Necklace of Ostard Talons
Ophidian Bone Dagger
Quarterstaff of the Undead
Serpent’s Bane
Serpent’s Bite
Skull Cap of Terathan Silk
Tarot Cards of Ill Fortune