A1 – 24 Karat Carrot
A2 – 24 Karat Carrot
A3 – 24 Karat Carrot
A4 – A Prized Carrot From Queen Dawn’s Personal Garden
A5 – A Carrot Dipped In Goblin Jelly
A6 – A Vermin Slayer Carrot
A7 – Spell Channeling Carrot on Atlantic

B1 – Wascally Wabbit Food
B2 – Whats up Doc?
B3 – Ginger Carrots with Dates x 2
B4 – Chocolate Dipped Easter Carrot
B5 – Happy Easter From EM Seppo and EM Crysania-Baja 2010
B6 – Happy Easter From EM Seppo and EM Crysania-Baja 2010
B7 – Baja’s Favorite Rabbit Treat
B8 – Carrot Gone Bad-Easter 2010
B9 – Carrot Gone Bad-Easter 2010
B10 – Nibbled On Carrot-Easter 2010
B11 – Shh! Crysania’s Hunting Wabbits! Easter 2010
B12 – Baja’s Favorite Carrot Treat-Easter 2010
B13 – Thank You For Rescuing Alice, Baja Easter 2010
B14 – Happy Easter Baja-2010
B15 – A Carrot Gone Bad
C1 – A Bourbon-Filled Candy Carrot
C2 – A Carrot (Blackrock Infected)
C3 – A Dark Chocolate Carrot
C4 – A Delicious Chocolate Carrot
C5 – A Foil-Wrapped Gourmet Chocolate Carrot
C6 – A Rare Purple Carrot
C7 – A Raspberry-Filled Dark Chocolate Carrot
C8 – A Sharpened Carrot Dripping With Blood
C9 – A Special Carrot Prized By Rares Collectors
C10 – A Tasty Mint Chocolate Carrot
C11 – An Unidentified Root Vegetable
C12 – Happy Easter!
C13 – Happy Easter from EM Cernunnos!
C14 – IOU Carrot
D1 – Eine Ordinaere Oster Karotte [Drachenfels 2010] x 2
D2 – A Ordinary Easter Carrot [Drachenfels 2010] x 2
D3 – Eine Ordinaere Oster Karotte [Drachenfels 2010] x 2 
D4 – Happy Easter 2010 From EM Ealia Tiefwasser and EM Lyraa [Drachenfels] x 2
D5 – Frohe Ostern 2010 Von EM Ealia Tiefwasser und EM Lyraa [Drachenfels] x 2
D6 – Fake Faberge Easter Carrot [Drachenfels 2010]
D7 – A Special Unique Easter Carrot [Drachenfels 2010]
D8 – Eine Halb Gegessene Oster Karotte [Drachenfels 2010]

E1 – Farmer Brynn’s Prized Carrot
G1 – A Secret Decoder Carrot From A Royal Spy Rabbit
G2 – Happy Easter 2010 From EM Elizabella And EM Malachi
G3 – Fairy Princess Nissa’s Pretty Candy Carrot
G4 – Habanero Carrot of the Hythloth Devil Bunny
G5 – Habanero Carrot of the Hythloth Devil Bunny

LS1 – A Chocolate Dipped Easter Carrot x 2
LS2 – A Stick of Easter Spam x 2
LS3 – I Caught And Killed The Fluffy PK Bunny In 2010
LS4 – Have A Happy Easter Lake Superior From The Easter Bunny
LS5 – Nibbled Carrot Left Behind from the Easter Bunny x 2
L1 – Easter Carrot From EM Tashik 2010

N1 – A Carrot To You From The Easter Bunny
N2 – A Carrot To You From The Easter Bunny
N3 – Chocolate Covered Carrot
N4 – Chocolate Covered Carrot
N5 – Happy Easter Napa Valley
N6 – Happy Easter Napa Valley 2010
N7 – Happy Easter From EM Sangria And EM Fiorella x 2

O1 – Mutated Carrots – Origin 2010
O2 – Enchanted Easter Carrots – Origin 2010
O3 – Explosive Carrot Grenades (10)
O4 – Happy Easter Origin 2010
O5 – Happy Easter Origin 2010

P1 – Beautifully Sculpted Easter Wooden Carrot
P2 – Blinged-Out Easter Carrot
P3 – Chocolate-Covered Easter Carrot
P4 – Fake Faberge-Decorated Easter Carrot
P5 – Pacific Easter 2010 Carrot
P6 – Poisoned Easter Carrot

S1 – Peter Cottontail Candy Carrots x 2
S2 – Peter Cottontail Candy Carrots 2010

U1 – Foil Wrapped Chocolate Carrot 2010
U2 – Stolen From The Town Guard’s Rations
U3 – Wascally Wabbit Carrots

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