Would you like PvM added to Arenas?

When I first saw the first ever live ustream.com event with the developers, I was excited to learn about this new feature called Arenas being added to the game. I believed it was going to be a much bigger deal that it turned out to be. Of course I always thought that its most popular feature would be PvP, yet I hoped it would have PvM as well.

If they ever do add PvM to Arenas, would it be possible to make it work like the Britannia Zoo in Moonglow? For each level of difficulty of monster, you get so many points for defeating it. As you clear a level of difficulty, you get access to the next level, so on and so forth. Points awarded increase per level. Eventually you can gain access to renamed types of champion bosses that would possibly require help from other players who have access at that level. Until eventually when you defeat the most difficult arena boss, you can become the Champion of the Arena, special title choice.

Points earned can be spent like Spring Cleaning points to buy similar new items you might find at available at the Britannia Library, Museum, or Zoo. Maybe even new artifacts similar to the new Shame + Wrong Dungeon loot, but have titles like a Gladiators Armor piece, a Bard’s Lute, a unique Magic Wand, so on and so forth. PvM would just be for points, not gold, but perhaps cost some gold to participate each time.

The idea is just to improve upon a current feature in the game that might attract a wider group of players to use it. Arenas seem to be a dud at this point, and I am hopeful it can be improved.


Why not add an arena to every town you can gain loyalty in? If you did, perhaps maybe players loyal to certain towns can compete against players loyal to different towns. The towns with the better PvP players, and even PvM players can gain prestige for their town in the form of lower NPC vendor prices, but only loyal players can benefit. Increased NPC quest givers, the town can expand, have more decorations, and perhaps more elaborate benefits to players loyal to that town.


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