Frustrated, confused, fed up, tired, and searching for answers?

For those who have the knowledge to do so, why not start a petition to be heard by those still playing UO and those who would play if Mythic Entertainment would simply listen to its player base by taking our ideas seriously and reinvesting some capital into making UO great again.

Its the only medieval like SIMs of our generation lacking the power of SIMs behind it. Why we still cannot build our own strongholds, armies, and towns out of anything we want makes no sense with the imagination and creativity the developers at Mythic Entertainment have within them.

The key to making this game successful is to put the power of UO into the hands of its players again. The more we can create, alter, design, and revise the better. Its about personalizing a life in a period where the age of mythology was at its climax. We need the archetypes of Heroes and Villains to live among us, to challenge the status quo and march on complacency.

Lets go out this Monday morning, log on to our computers, call our local brokerage firm, consult with our friends and family, ask how much it is to buy Mythic Entertainment stock. As of Friday it last traded for about $47.73 according to yahoo finance located here:

We as players of this fantastic game can influence the fate of generations simply by paying a fee for 3 – 6 month account per share, and see a physical return as well as a virtual return on our investment. Together we can ban together as share holders, and attend stock holder meetings. We can make a difference. Stop complaining about the problem, and start doing something about it. Good Luck!

Please place a poll on this post for this question. Would you invest in UO’s future and buy Electronic Arts Stock in Mythic Entertainment?

A. I already own stock, and will continue to buy more EA stock.
B. I already own stock, and am considering selling EA stock.
C. I do not own stock, but I will buy EA stock as soon as possible.
D. I do not own stock, but I would buy EA stock if I could afford to.
E. I would never invest in EA stock whether I could afford to or not.


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