The Duper Pyramid Scheme

Click the image to open in full size.

Dupers = Computer Programmer with knowledge of Game Code Writing and make money off of WoW mainly

Website Brokers = A few Business People willing to sell the duplicated items for profit. Not all brokers.

Fencer / Peddlers = Players looking to make some easy cash buying and reselling duplicated items

Player Run Vendor Houses = Players willing to accept millions of gold from leasing vendor space to fencers.

Rare Merchants = Hybrid Collectors willing to sell their rares to the highest bidder no questions asked

Veteran Collectors = Players who take a risk investing their hard earned money in pixels.

Amateur Collectors = Either lucky enough to get a good deal or acquire rares through events.

Crafters / PvPers / IHD = Players willing to buy any dupe for their UO hobby.

General UO Community = Mainly unaffected by the dupe scandal and represent 95% of all players.

Who do you trust? No one you haven’t known a really long time in UO. Not all brokers are created equal. I imagine there are many brokers, collectors who have been diligently avoiding being involved. Its near impossible. We all know about those who fell prey as just another victim in a long line of dupe related business as usual.


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