2008 Magicina Invasion (Rubble)- All Shards

UR Sets
Complete Blood Tiles (UR)
Complete 5 Piece Sandstone Stairs including Block (UR)
Complete 4 Piece Sandstone Corner Stairs (UR)
Complete 8 Piece Jewery Set (UR)
Complete 17 Piece Reagents Set (UR) Count as 3 Entries
25 Piece Display Case Set (UR) Count as 3 Entries
Complete Broken Furniture Set (Bookcase, Vaniety, Dresser With Mirrors, Shelf) (UR)
Complete Set Of 4 Date Palm (Regular, Dark, Light Grey, Light Light Grey) (UR)
Complete Set Of 4 Palm (Regular, Dark, Light Grey, Light Light Grey) (UR)
Complete Set Of 4 Yukka (Regular, Dark, Light Grey, Light Light Grey) (UR)
Complete Set Of 2 Tapestry Pieces (UR)
Complete Set Of 4 Boat Pieces (UR)
Complete Set Of 5 Sea Shell Pieces (UR)
Complete Set Of 4 Seaweed Pieces (UR)
Any 10 Pieces From The Misc., Furniture, And Dock Lists Would Count as 1 (UR)
Complete St of Lilly Pad Flowers (Either by color or by set of same color) (UR)

Beach Items:
Seashells 5 types
Seaweed 4 types

Dress (UR)
Pants (UR)

Fancy Tables (Some call it Bar surfaced)
Fancy Tables Middle
Large Bed pieces
Large Benches
Picnic Benches
Picnic Tables
Small Bed pieces (Running North/South)
Small White Bed Top Half
Small Bed with Pillow Bottom Half (Going West/East)
Small Bed with Pillow Top Half
Small Wooden Benches
Smooth Tables
Square Tables
Tables With Cloth
Wooden Benches

Jewelry Pieces:
Beaded Necklace (gold)
Gold Bracelet
Gold Necklace
Pendant Necklace
Silver Necklace

Pier Related Items:
Anchor (UR)
Bloody water (UR)
Cannon ball (UR)
Cannon ball stack (UR)
Connected jars (UR)
Dock block
Dock stairs
Hanging Leather Chest (UR)
Hanging Leather Leggings (UR)
Hanging Leather Sleeves (UR)
Pier with rope
Rope (UR)
Wood Planks

Plants-Trees – Other Shrubberies:
Giant Date Tree
Giant Date Tree Burnt
Giant Palm Tree
Giant Palm Tree Burnt
Lilly Flowers
Lilly Flowers Burnt
O’hlee Tree
O’hlee Tree Burnt
Orfluer Flowers
Orfluer Flowers Burnt
Yucca Tree
Yucca Tree Burnt
Normal plants, grasses
Fern Abornmal Color (Brown) (2-3 Exist) (UR)

Blood moss
Demon Bone
Demon Blood
Dragon Blood
Grave Dust
Nox Crystal
Spider Silk
Wyrms Heart

Misc. Items:
Bandages (UR)
Blood Tile Center
Blood Tile Corner
Blood Tile Sides
Broken Chairs Fallen
Broken Chairs Standing
Display cases whole
Display cases 3 piece set (per piece)
Display cases big display (per piece)
Fire (UR)
Fire pit
Giant boulder from the blockade
Metal Chests
Metal Sign Post
Moonstone Rocks
Original Yellow Colored Rocks and Boulders from Rock Blockade
Palisades Large Corner
Palisades Spikes with skull
Rift Pillars AKA Blackrock Pillars
Rocks/boulder from rock blockade
Ruined Bookcase
Ruined Dresser
Ruined Shelves
Ruined Vanity
Saddle (UR)
Sandstoe Pillars
Sandstone Stair/Corner Piece
Sandstone Stairs Step Towards North, West
Sandstone Stairs Step Towards South, East
Sandstone Steps (Some call Blocks)
Ship Parts 4 types
Small pillar with graphics
Small pillar without graphics
Small Wooden Crate
Tapestry Pieces
Tent Pieces Corners
Tent Pieces Large Curved
Tent Pieces Flags
Wall candle
Walls with graphics
Wood (broken wood piles)
Wooden Sign Post

2009 Trinsic Invasion New Rubble Types All Shards

Playing Cards
Blue Carpet Pieces
Brown Carpet Pieces
Plain Brown Carpet Pieces
Sand Stone Columns Large and Thick
Sand Stone Large Corner
Standing Decorative Wall Polearms
Standing Decorative Wall Swords
Wood Stair Rails
Wood Floor Tiles
Light LimeStone Floor Tiles


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